The Protestant Congregation at Ocean Reef celebrates worship of the Triune God in two services each Sunday morning. Our worship reflects the diverse background of the participants in the congregation.

Worship Service

In season, November through May, this service offers traditional and blended worship in a relational environment.

Worship in song includes great hymns and excellent praise songs, skillfully accompanied by the piano, organ and/or keyboard and guitar.

The ministry of the Chancel Choir is enhanced each week by the participation of members of the University of Miami Chapel Choir.

Preaching is a major focus each Sunday, featuring an outstanding roster of invited guest speakers from across the country. Each guest speaker is sponsored by a participant in the congregation. Our Chaplain serves as host pastor each Sunday, and as one of our speakers.

There is an archive of video recordings of the messages available on this website.

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper, normally on the first Sunday of each month in the 9:00am service. All people of faith are welcomed to participate.

Journey Together

In season, November through May, this hour is a community service in a relaxed, conversational style. We worship in song and engage with each other in sharing joys and concerns.

The teaching focus is God’s story. We explore how God the Creator has revealed himself to the world through Israel in the First Testament. Then we continue to see in the New Testament how God has reached out to include the nations of the world through the good news of Jesus the Messiah’s death and resurrection.

We are using an excellent study guide by Philip Yancey and Brenda Quinn titled, Meet the Bible. This hour is for people who want to put the puzzle pieces of God’s story together, and through the story, to experience the flourishing life God offers to all through Christ.

Kids Matter

We offer an engaging, biblically-based time with children each Sunday during the season, November through May.

Kids Matter takes place in our visually stimulating Children’s Room. The time also utilizes effective visual media and music.

Choir Participation

Choral music has enriched the worship life of congregations the world over. Each week, during the season, November through May, the Protestant Congregation Chancel Choir is a blend of singers from the congregation with section leaders from the University of Miami Chapel Choir. The only requirement for participating in the choir is that you love to sing with a group and can carry a tune! Our Choir Director, Wesley Roy, is an excellent conductor and engaging leader who brings out the best from each participant. Rehearsals are held during the week, and choral parts are often available, allowing you learn the music, even if you can’t attend a rehearsal.

Prayer Requests

Each week, a group gathers on Wednesday mornings and spends an hour praying for the needs and concerns of members and friends of the PCOR.  Your request is treated with confidentiality and care.  Please share as much information with the team that you consider appropriate.